Saturday, October 29, 2011

All-New MINI Roadster Makes its Official Debut, wants to Challenge the MX-5 [254 Photos]

With its eyes set on conquering a slice of the convertible market from the popular Mazda MX-5, MINI has revealed the final production version of the Roadster.

The Roadster is the soft-top variant of the Coupe introduced earlier this summer, and is the sixth model to be added to MINI's line-up as well as the first open-top two-seater in the brand's history.

As is the case with the Coupe, the Roadster is based on the current Mini hatchback so it doesn't come to much of a surprise that its dimensions largely mirror those of the Mini Convertible at 3,734mm long, 1,683mm wide and 1,390mm tall.

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