Saturday, October 8, 2011

For all you do, this guy is ready to give you a speeding ticket while he parks at a stop sign... which is no better or more lawful than your speeding over 35 mph

Thanks for keeping the peace, keeping civilization in check, and reinforcing public conciousness that cops are always wasting time giving speeding tickets to drivers instead of stopping heinous crimes and criminals. Why is it blue collar types are policed, white collar types aren't? By this I mean that Del Mar, LaJolla, Beverly Hills, etc etc filthy rich neighborhoods are not the locations that cops run radar in 35 mph zones. Corporations that bleed the country aren't monitored, tax cheats aren't tracked down, and hackers aren't kept from laying viruses throughout the internet.
But we get radar traps. Oh yeah, speeding tickets, meant to keep lazy law enforcement occupied bringing in revenue for cities, counties, and states... So why aren't they standing by at busy intersections catching red light runners? If stop light cameras are politicians answer to stopping red light runners, they must have had some good logical reasons that interesections are ripe for monitoring... and yet you'll never see a cop hanging out at a busy intersection doing that duty that the cameras were demanded for 

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