Sunday, October 9, 2011

the movie "Real Steel" is awesome, and has a cool International Harvester COE Sightliner as Hugh Jackman's mobile home/robot hauler... it's frickin cool

I hope they make a sequel... it is a no brainer in my opinion that this story line of a young kid and his absentee dad reuniting and getting a robot to win the world championship, is the newest in a line of Rocky, The Champ, Karate Kid  type feel good action movies... To let it go withough a great sequel of them continuing to be partners in the robot games, and further learning that the dad character has a lot to experience from his kids point of view .. that would be a shame

If you've already enjoyed the movie, you'll love reading this interview with Hugh it sheds light on the characters of the kid and dad from Hugh's perspective as an actor helping out a young new actor. Great stuff. I read the whole damn thing, its that good

To learn more about the Sightliner, browse the Old IHC thread that was made when they filmed a sequence in Mid Michigan. ABC12 ran a short clip in the news September 20, 2010 3:35 pm, but don't have it available on the website... morons

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